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App Design Guidelines to Minimize Driver Distraction

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has published guidelines to aid in-vehicle electronic device developers in the design of their user interfaces to minimize driver distraction. NHTSA is currently working on the next phase of these guidelines that will address portable devices and their driving-related apps. You can find the published guidelines here:

Here are the guidance headings. Details for each of these areas is included in the document linked above:
- No Obstruction of View
- Easy to See and Reach
- Maximum Display Downward Angle
- Lateral Position of Visual Displays
- Minimum Size of Displayed Textual Information
- Per Se Lock Outs (functions and tasks that should be blocked while driving by policy):
o Device functions and tasks not intended to be used by a driver while driving
o Manual Text Entry
o Displaying Video
o Displaying Images
o Automatically Scrolling Text
o Displaying Text to Be Read
- Acceptance Test-Based Lock Out of Tasks
- Sound Level
- Single-Handed Operation
- Interruptibility
- Driver Response Time
- Disablement

Please review and follow these guidelines as you develop your Connected Car applications.

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