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Share your thoughts about why carpooling solutions have so far been unable to gain critical mass quickly. What can we learn from this? What changes might make a difference? Are the changes related to the business model, the product design or the go-to-market strategy? Perhaps all three must change.


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    @mike zyambi - thanks for the good discussion today over lunch - your description of how the EcoCash Diaspora evolved lends itself to thinking about how a carpool payments could work - specifically, our design should balance the opposing needs to incentivize drivers while managing our cash burn rate

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    @nate webster - thanks for your very good feedback after my lightening talk - the possible clunkiness of our mobile design and the user interaction it affords need to be carefully considered, as does the need to adopt best practices for privacy are important considerations that I hope to talk more with you about

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    @pratik pramanik - thanks for suggesting how we might integrate some of automatic's data into our carpool app - after looking at your site, there's real merit to figuring out how best to do this - I also think we might be able to work with your company on developing and/or operationalizing a hardware piece to our plans as well - more soon

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    Vivek - did you see this release from MTC re: our efforts with carpooling apps? I thought you might find it interesting.

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